e in this case is for ellen, not for electronic, although I am excited to establish an emerging e-existance. This embryonic attempt at elevating my escapades from ordinary to exceptional is ever-evolving. In the end I hope it will serve to ennervate, entertain, and engage.

Having a virtual identity is a bit of a challenge. The Gemini has a dual nature, hence an arbitrary division into work and play. But thankfully here on the web there are no rules. Browse to your heart's content. Stop off to visit my autobiography, join me to gossip, pardon my self-indulgence, ooh and ah at family photos and have fun.

For the serious visitor, there is my work: web design, samples of my paintings, writings, and more.

This site, like any non-virtual identity, is a work in progress. Some parts work better than others. Any suggestions? Email me with feedback, comments or good gossip.